Egypt Modern School endeavors to graduate lifelong learners, who have respect for values and are able to face the challenges of the 21st century through their global thinking and technological competence.

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Egypt Modern School delivers an extensive well-rounded American education to all students, regardless of the academic, social and learning challenges they encounter. Thus, the students will have the necessary skills to adjust to the wide and diverse world, and be significant members of society.

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• Our environment promotes a sense of respect, responsibility and integrity by modeling such behavior.
• Each person is responsible for his or her own choices.
• Each person has a responsibility to contribute to the community.


• Education is a life long process.
• It is every child’s right to be educated.
• Our environment teaches tolerance and acceptance of others, regardless of their beliefs, physical or mental abilities.
• We acknowledge that each student learns differently. Hence, we believe in providing suitable teaching styles to meet the variety of individual learning needs.


• Develop the skills needed to use technology to enhance further learning.
• Foster students’ critical thinking strategies needed for finding solutions to problems faced within an academic context, as well as social problems faced by the
• Provide all students with verbal and written communication skills needed to proficiently express themselves in the English language.


• Be open-minded leaders who participate in domestic and worldwide projects that collaborate humanity and knowledge to improve tomorrow’s world


• Work steadily across cognitive, emotional and behavioral areas to establish an integrated approach to encourage and support student engagement at the highest level.
• Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.


• Furnish the school environment with the essential tools to help students become mature, leading and hard-working members of society.


• Maintaining strong parent-teacher-student relationships enables success in learning
• Promoting positive interpersonal relationships helps students work cooperatively with a partner, group, or team and enrich outcomes.
• The administration and faculty, students, parents, and the school community have to collaborate together and share the responsibility of educating the students.


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