Graduation Requirments

High School Graduation Requirements
An American High School Diploma is awarded after four years of full-time attendance in grades nine through twelve. The student must also maintain the minimum course load, and successfully complete all his/her required courses.

A. Minimum Requirements for Diploma - 22 credits, with a cumulative GPA of no less than 2.0 for all courses taken.

B. Subject Graduation Requirements***
Language Arts                                                            4 credits
Social Studies                                                            3 credits
Mathematics                                                               3 credits
Science                                                                        3 credits
Foreign Language                                                     2 credits (same language)
Fine and Practical Arts Physical Education          2 credits
Electives*                                                                    3 credits
         Total                                                                   22 credits


* Any course taken beyond the minimum number of credits required in a given subject area is considered an elective.
** No credit is earned for a grade of F.


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