Academic and Disciplinary Consequences
  1. Minor Offenses

    Electronic Devices and Hats
    Mobile (cellular) phones, MP3 Players, digital cameras, etc are prohibited on the school premises at all times. If any of the above items are found on a Student, the item will be taken from the Student and turned in to the Principals Office immediately.

    Hats are not permitted during class time.

    Dress Code
    Students will adhere to the authorized EMS uniform at all times. The only exceptions are for religious wear and physical disability requirements, with the approval of the Principal or the School Nurse. Students out of uniform will be corrected and appropriate demerits assigned per the Code of Conduct. Students are expected to follow the EMS dress code during Exams and Field Trips. 

    Students, who come out of school uniform, will be subjected to the following disciplinary actions:

    1. For the first time, their teacher will advise them verbally.
    2. For the second time, they will be sent to the school library for the whole day.
    3. For the third time, they will be sent home directly.    

    Gum Chewing
    Chewing gum is not allowed in classrooms.

  2. Serious Offenses
    Students are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products at EMS; it is a strictly no-smoking environment. This non-smoking status extends to all school related activities or events, regardless of location. If a student is caught smoking he/she will be suspended.

    Defiance of Authority
    Disrespect is absolutely not tolerated at EMS. Students do have the right to express their opinion; however, it must be done in a respectful manner. Most often we see a student inappropriately questioning or confronting a teacher during class or in front of others in an unacceptable manner. We encourage students to follow the teacher’s directions first and ask questions later.

    The use of unacceptable or abusive language is not tolerated at EMS. If a student uses rude or foul language he/she will be disciplined.

    Defacing School Property
    The student responsible will compensate for any damage to textbooks or school materials. Replacement costs may include shipping charges.

    Any attempt to intentionally damage, destroy, or break into others’ property or personal belongings will be dealt with as a serious offense. A student found participating in such activities will be responsible for financial compensation and will be suspended.

    Taking other students’ or teachers’ personal property or school property, either temporarily or permanently is unacceptable behavior. Any student found guilty of stealing will be suspended and may be required to compensate the damages financially.

    Any aggressive or threatening behavior towards fellow students or teachers is prohibited. Students participating in such activities will be suspended.

    Harassment, Bullying or Threats
    The deliberate harassment of an individual or group through verbal abuse or addressing in a rude or mocking manner is not acceptable behavior. This may be verbal, physical, or through electronic media. Students participating in such activities will be disciplined accordingly.

    Academic Dishonesty
    EMS expects that students will think independently and honestly. True learning is enhanced when students consistently demonstrate respect for the intellectual property rights of others and adheres to a code of honor in all evaluated activities.

    Cheating is defined as dishonestly seeking or providing information during exams or assignments.

    Plagiarism is defined as using the ideas or thoughts of others or expressing words as your own without crediting the source.
    Students who cheat or plagiarize will be disciplined by receiving a zero on the assignment with no possibility for makeup, and parents will be notified. Additional consequences for repeated occurrences may include loss of credit for a class, or suspension from school.



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