Admission Policy
  • Students are allowed to join the program throughout the school year for students aged 4 years through 16 years and more.
  • Admission is solely based on whether or not the school program is suitable for the applying student, and not on race, nationality, religion, or gender.
  • Prior to admission students and parents are given a verbal briefing of the available programs and a tour of the school premises.
  • Students are required to be examined in English, Mathematics, and Arabic before being totally admitted to the school.
  • Most of the school programs do not account for the needs of students with severe mental, emotional, physical handicaps, or learning disabilities. There are however, special needs classes for students with minor to moderate learning disabilities.
a Registration a
  • The school has two terms divided by a mid-year holiday in January/February. Each academic year runs from the beginning of September untill mid June. The school week runs from Sunday to Thursday and the weekend is on Friday and Saturday.
  • After being informed of the students' acceptance, parents should pay the academic semester's tuition in full, and according to the scheduled payments agreed upon. In any case, the school's administration is not responsible in refunding the tuition, and any unpaid balance is due and payable immediately in full.
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a Registration Procedures a
  • Interview   Once the administration has received an application and conducted the assessment tests, and interview is arranged where the students' academic level and fluency is evaluated
  • Admission Testing Policy  All students are evaluated to ensure there is a smooth transition in joining the school programs. if not , the students are enrolled in classes that deal with students who use English as a second language (ESL classes).

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