Balanced Literacy
EMS has a goal of tailoring each student with a fair literacy program that develops his/her individual abilities. We aim to teach our students to read and write with confidence and accuracy in spite of their level, by exposing them to different concepts, authors, and book types. We also encourage our students to develop their speaking and listening skills through various educational activities.
a Science a
a The science program at EMS integrates content and development because we believe that practice is meaningful for young students. They will have the opportunity to use hands-on materials, numerous resources and will be further exposed to inquiry-based discovery and research. Students in the elementary program are taught to make observations, experiment, use deductive reasoning and research to reach potential solutions to problems. The science program commonly investigates life, physical, and earth science that all have connections across the curriculum and in the students’ lives.  a
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a Social Studies a
a The social studies program at EMS is designed to help young learners develop a better understanding of their surroundings. The students are encouraged to participate in group work, research, projects and even field trips to enhance their knowledge of each other and their place in the world. We allow students to investigate their own world through units founded on their own life experiences. The vivid and distinctive Arabic culture is integrated in all social studies units. a
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a Math a
a The Early Childhood Math program is built on the students’ inquisitive nature, enthusiasm and perceptive mathematics knowledge. The students are promoted to explore, experiment, and create with hands-on experience that supports knowledge and development of the mathematical language. Asking questions and problem solving are encouraged to allow each student to think in an abstract manner and develop conceptual understanding of numerous mathematical instructions. a
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a Physical Education a
a Physical education entails the development of the child’s motor skills and understanding rules of games. Furthermore a variety of ball games and flexibility activities promote exercise throughout each lesson. a
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a Art a
a Our Art program for young learners is built up on the basic knowledge of fundamental art skills (line, shape, form, texture, space, and color) and increases that knowledge each year. The students build on their previous skills and are introduced to new concepts (principles of design, contrast and movement) as the academic year ensues. a
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a Music a
a The music program for young learners is suited to the age appropriate music skills. The students perform, create and respond to music through demonstration and participation with the class. Students will also have plenty of opportunities to perform in school events throughout the year. a
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a Information Literacy and Information Technology a
a At EMS, our staff is very keen on integrating technology into the curriculum to enhance the student’s educational experience. We believe that becoming technology literate is an integral part of the students’ lives and is an essential tool in today’s modern world. We aim to instill the basic Information Technology (IT) skills in their young minds in order to achieve this goal. Classroom teachers are instructed to use the IT lab regularly to support maximal integration across the curriculum. a
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a Arabic a
Arabic in K1-grade 2 combines Language studies and a brief overlook on Egyptian culture specifically and the Arab culture generally.

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