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On behalf of the staff at Egypt Modern School & me, I would like to welcome everyone back for another great year 2017-2018. We are all excited to have our students back to school filling our classrooms & hallways with energy and enthusiasm for learning.

As the new school year begins we look forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure that your children reach to their potential. Our children need support from both home & school. Together we can work to help your son/daughter succeed.

Our teachers analyze academic data to determine the current skill levels to set goals for growth and improvement.

I am honored to serve as the director of Egypt Modern School and to be a part of the community where parents, teachers and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic growth.

Again, we welcome you to EMS and to our wonderful learning community ... a place alive with much Responsibility...Education...Skills...Participation...Engagement...Commitment and Teamwork!

Here’s to an AWESOME new school year as we work together to make our school a great place to work and learn each day!

I’d like to invite you to soon visit our school’s website. This will serve as a resource tool for all upcoming events, student/parent handbook, and important reminders.

This year the school is using new school system called “Quickschools” which serves as a resource tool for all grades homework assignments, reports and other notifications.
About The School

Egypt Modern School (EMS)/ Alexandria American College (AAC) was founded in 1999 and affiliated by the North Central Association Advance
Ed in 2005. It is an independent, co-educational school that enrolls students starting Pre K through Grade 12. It is located in Abis, Alexandria.

It was established by International Company for Educational Services to meet the needs of Egyptian and foreign children living in Alexandria.
The school is located on two- acres with one campus, divided to accommodate the National and American divisions. The campus houses twenty
classrooms provided for the American division.

Each classroom is furnished with the computers connected by a network to the Internet. The school includes facilities for health, outdoor play, physical education, art, technology, library, music, and Special Needs services. The school also houses the offices for Finance, Personnel, and the Head of School. Additionally it includes a lecture hall, basketball court, volleyball court, a multipurpose court, and an exercise room. The entire premise is surveyed using cameras. The cameras are installed at school gates, classrooms, and corridors and then linked to the administrative office where administrators can monitor the footage.

The school is affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Education with license number 154453 attained on the 2nd of September 1999. The school has been
accredited by AdvancEd (previously CITA) since 2006.



EMS End of Year Exams Timetable 2017-2018

AAC End of Year Exams Timetable 2017-2018
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